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The biggest weakness of flowers is its evanescence…To make its beauty everlasting, we have created florar compositions made of aspen wood. Each flower is made of wood with 0,2mm in thickness. This incredible material has 200 year old history. Now that we have given it a modern design – we have nature for you, that’s timeless yet beautiful – eco beauty flowers. Eternal aspen flowers don’t require watering to please the eye. Don’t wait for petals to fall, it will not happen. Flowers are embedded in a flower box, which is made of Aspen wood as well. Therefore it creates an incredible composition – unique and original, unparalleled anywhere in the world. A person who will value the beauty and handicraft shares the same unique qualities.

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Aspen as a tree has healing and calming properties, as well as it brings harmony. This message is conveyed in Aspen Lucky Charms. Jewellery collection is made of very thin Aspen shavings. Circle – as a symbol of sun, from which Aspen takes the cosmic Energy of life. Energy, is conveyed in Aspen lucky charms to whoever is wearing them. We believe that it can penetrate the soul and positively inspire to change the way of viewing world; to evoke the need for life with freedom of thoughts, calm soul and light spirit. To put it simply, the power of nature encapsulated in unique jewellery.

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Pictures painted in wood

Incredible lines of thin Aspen stripes are just like brush strokes on canvas. Creative vision combining colours and structures are contributed by inspiration which we have noticed. Each one of our paintings is unique, none of them are repeated. Look at how we put together these amazing elements: wood, inspiration, vision, project, so that we achieve an art piece, which tells a story written especially for you.

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Soothing paintings by Aspen Art

Look at how you are influenced by all the different shades od Scandinavian moss. We have chosen them carefully by being inspired by nature and slow life philosophy. Magnolia will bring peace and positive Energy. Whenever your life gets too hectic, you can look at the painting and find harmony. Take like peacefully…

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